Jackson Women's Health Organization, Jackson Mississippi Abortion Clinic
Do you need assistance with the cost of an abortion?  Financial assistance is available for those who qualify.  Ask your phone counselor for more information when you call for an appointment. 

To ensure confidentiality we do not send bills for abortions. Fees are all-inclusive and counseling, lab, local anesthesia, physicians fee, and birth control information. A post-op exam and RhoGam for Rh- women is an additional modest charge. Full payment must be made on the day of the abortion in the form of money orders, cashier's check, American Express, MasterCard, VISA, Discover, or cash. The credit card holder must be present to sign the sales receipt if a credit card is used. For collection reasons, we do not accept personal checks. This policy allows us to keep costs to a minimum. All fees below are subject to change.

Early Abortion (4-12 weeks LMP) - $450
RhoGam for Rh negative women - $50

D&E Abortion (13-14 weeks LMP) - $600
D&E Abortion (15-16.0 weeks LMP) - $750

Early Medical Abortion with RU486/Mifepristone - $550

RhoGam for Rh negative women (12 weeks and under) - $50
RhoGam for Rh negative women (13 weeks and over) - $125

Jackson Women's Health Organization provides low-cost gynecological care in a supportive atmosphere. Services and fees include:

Complete Annual GYN Exam - $95
Post-Op Abortion Follow-up - $25
PAP Smear with Post-Op Exam - $45
Sonogram - $100
Depo-Provera Birth Control Shot - $100
Pregnancy Test - $15

"All prices subject to change as are hours of service."

Jackson Women's Health Organization, Jackson Mississippi Abortion Clinic

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